Yet another successful long-line mission by Simrik Air Helicopter

Simrik Air conducted another successful longline rescue of a Canadian national, David Hunter (Age 54) on 9th November 2018 from Ama Dablam. He arrived Nepal on 18th October 2018, started his expedition from Pangboche on 23rd October 2018 and reached Ama Dablam Base Camp on 24th October 2018. This expedition was done under the banner of Alpine Ascents International. There was a team of 6 climbers and finally, 3 were there for the final attempt and he was one of them. As per him “due to lack of oxygen, pain on hands and fingers and his chest, he could not make to the summit”.

He was retrieved by using helicopter longline technique with the Pilot In Command Capt. Surendra Paudel and longline rescue specialist Chhiring Dhenduk Bhote and was successfully airlifted to Kathmandu.

He has given good feedback on Simrik Air Helicopter’s service.