Gosaikunda Flight

Simrik Air Helicopter is again coming up with helicopter flights to the religious Gosaikunda as soon as the monsoon ends.  Giving continuity to past years, this time too Simrik is offering a one hour helicopter package to Gosaikunda, following all the precautions and safety measures.

We all know that coronavirus outbreak completely upended almost everything we thought of as typical daily life. At this moment, Gosaikunda can be a serene getaway to enjoy and pay homage to Lord Shiva, breaking that chaos and uncertainty.

Simrik Air has been known for executing safe helicopter flights simply because we do not compromise on safety. Therefore, keeping in mind the current situation, we make sure that the safety requirements have been checked off before we even begin the trip.


Program: Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu


For reservations please contact:

Simrik Air Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: 01 41553 40 / 41 / 42 / 43

Mobile: 9851010 695 / 696 / 697 / 698


Ground Time:

*Conditions Apply.