Pathivara Darshan from Bhedetar by Simrik Air Helicopter

Simrik Air Helicopter is commencing yet another pilgrimage flight from Bhedetar to Pathivara Temple starting 20 Poush 2075.
After the consecutive success of Gosaikunda mission from Kathmandu, Simrik Air is now operating the helicopter flights from Bhedetar mostly targeting the devotees from Eastern regions of Nepal.

The total package for Pathivara from Bhedetar will be of approximately one and half hour wherein one hour will be the two way flight time and 30 minutes shall be allocated as the ground time at Pathivara for the pilgrims. This holy tour is being operated so that most of the Nepalese devotees easily reach the temple in the safety and comfort of Simrik Air Helicopter without any hassle of walking a long way uphill and again the tedious journey back. Most of the senior citizens are expected to benefit from this flight as they can have easy access to the temple in a comfortable ride.