Pathivara Darshan from Dharan

Simrik Air Helicopter is  commencing yet another pilgrimage flight from Dharan to Pathivara Temple starting this Ghatasthapana ie 26th September 2022.

The total flight duration for Pathivara from Dharan and back will be of approximately one hour and 30 minutes shall be allocated as the ground time at Pathivara for the pilgrims to offer puja and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. This holy tour is operated to provide the devotees with safe, easy and time saving ride to the temple without any hassle of walking a long way uphill and again the tedious journey back.  Senior citizens are expected to benefit the most from this flight because it will provide them with easy access to the temple in a comfortable ride.

For more details please contact:

Simrik Air Pvt. Ltd.

Landline: 01 41553 40 / 41 / 42 / 43

Hotline: 9851010 695 / 696 / 697 / 698