Simrik Air adds manpower in Longline rescue

Simrik Air

Simrik Air, the exclusive Longline rescue service provider in Nepal has facilitated in providing training for Longline rescue to eight guides having abundant knowledge of Mountain region. The participant guides were qualified international mountain guides certified by the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA). The company believes that addition of the skilled manpower will definitely broaden the rescue field.

The guides were provided 7 days of training regarding the rescue of stranded people with the support of Alpine Rescue Foundation, Switzerland.
Richard Lehener and Pilot Daniel Aufdenblatten, the head rescue expert of Alpine Rescue Foundation were the main trainers for “Helicopter Longline Rescue Trainer’s-Trainee Training”. The training was coordinated by Search and Rescue Organization Nepal (SARON) and Nepal National Mountain Guide Association.

Simrik Air single-handedly has been providing Helicopter Longline rescue for the past three years and has been the only one providing this facility. With the help of rescue training provided to the eight mountain experts, the manpower required in this field has been fulfilled. “We have provided training to overcome the shortage of manpower we might face”, said Trainer Tsering Pandey Bhote.

The term Longline rescue is an act of rescuing stranded people securely by means of ropes from the mountainous areas or places where helicopters have complications in landing  and then transferring them to a safer place.

Simrik Air has four pilots and four rescue specialists in its team who are well trained in Longline rescue. “Few years ago an Italian pilot tried to implement the rescue technique but couldn’t succeed; Simrik Air successfully implemented it after his failed effort”, says Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung, Executive Director of Simrik Air.

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