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Company’s Safety Policy

Accident prevention is the primary concern within SIMRIK AIR PVT.LTD. Every employee is responsible to integrate safety into the performance of their duties


  • Management is committed to the establishment of a safe and healthy place of work together with safe working practices and the provision of safe equipment and resources. Safety is considered by management to be an integral and vital part of the successful performance of any job.
  • Management is committed to develop and promote the safety reporting culture that will encourage the non-punitive reporting system, so that the potential safety hazards can be mitigated at the earliest stage.
  • Management and supervisors at all levels shall consider the safety and health risks involved in all activities performed by their personal and shall plan activities in such a manner as to avoid any unsafe practices.
  • Managers and supervisors at all levels shall ensure that prompt action is taken to eliminate unsafe conditions and practices.
  • Supervisors shall ensure, employees are adequately trained to perform their job safely. The direct responsibility for the safe performance of an operation shall rest with supervisor and each employee.
  • Every employee is responsible to perform their duties giving primary concern to the safety of our customers, colleagues, their own safety and the property and equipment entrusted to their care.
  • Employee shall observe the rule of conduct and safety and shall take proper care of equipment provided and ensure its proper use.
  • The safe execution of work requires a responsible attitude, job knowledge, skills, good leadership and an organized approach to plan and integrate safety into the work sequence.


SIMRIK AIR PVT.LTD encourages every employee to bring the attention of management, any part of this policy or its implementation, which may benefit from further strengthening. [Manual]

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