Chhiring Dhunduk Bhote

Chhiring is a specialist in technical climbing and an avid mountaineer. At the age of 21, Chhiring summitted Mt. Everest as part of an expedition guide.

Now, Chhiring has established himself as a certified Rescue Specialist in Nepal. In 2012, Chhiring with 3 other Mountain guides were sent to Zermatt, Switzerland by Simrik Air to participate in a special training to be a Helicopter Rescue Specialist. Air Zermatt, a prominent Rescue Service provider in Switzerland was their new home during their month long training. There, along with other participants he completed the training to be a long line Rescue Specialist and became certified Rescue Technician.

In 2014 alone, Chhiring has successfully flown in numerous lifesaving missions with Capt. Siddhartha J. Gurung and Capt. Jason Laing. 5 of those missions were then using long line above 18,000 ft. where Simrik Air was successful in saving many lives in the mountains.