Capt. Surendra Paudel

Capt. Surendra Paudel is one of the well-known and experienced pilots in Simrik Air. He served as a Major in Nepal Army flying for more than 10 years. He became a commercial pilot in 2010 and since then, has been flying with Simrik Air. His skill and experience are recognized by various national and international groups for saving many lives of trekkers and climbers in the Himalayas during September 2012 avalanche in Mt. Manaslu and during Everest Avalanche in April 2014. He is also a trained sling pilot and regularly flies into missions to support the developmental projects in the remote areas of Nepal.

He has received Long Line (Human Cargo Sling and External Cargo Sling level 2) training at Air Zermatt, Switzerland, Commercial Helicopter Pilot FAA from LongHorn Helicopters, USA.

His experience includes:

Chief Pilot and Training Chief at Simrik Air Pvt. Ltd.

Instructor Pilot

7000+ hours of flying (AS 350 B Series, BK-117, MI-17, ALH, Lama, Allouette, Lancer, Schweizer)

High Altitude flying

Heli-ski operation

Long line operations (Trained for external cargo sling and Human Cargo Sling)

Medivac & SAR operation

Aerial photography, filming, and media experience

Scenic tours and operations throughout the Himalayan region of Nepal