Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung

Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung of Simrik Air is one of the best helicopter pilots of Nepal a well-known name in the Nepalese aviation sector.  With more than 20 years’ experience in flying in the mountainous terrain, he has in excess of 10,000 helicopter flying hours. He operates all modes of aircraft operations (VIP Operations, Rescue Missions, Passenger and Cargo Transportation to Remote Areas) as well as support missions in developing remote areas of Nepal with skill and professionalism.

His experience and expertise have been recognized by various national and international groups for saving the lives of many locals and tourists in the Himalayas.

Capt. Siddartha has experience in the following fields:

Executive Director (Accountable Manager) at Simrik Air Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal

Instructor Pilot

Extensive experience in Medical evacuations and SAR Missions

Aerial Filming / Photography

Long Line (Human Cargo Sling & External Cargo Sling)

Holds Certificate as a trained pilot from Air Zermatt for Human Cargo Sling Rescue Operations.

Survey Missions (Nepal & Bhutan)