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Rara Lake Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Rara Lake is one of the rare and unexplored travel destinations in Nepal. The pristine lake glitters like a jewel, protected by the ring of majestic Himalayas. Located in Jumla and Mugu districts, Rara is the biggest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. The lake is situated at an altitude of 2,990m and extends up to 10.8 square kilometers on the surface. It is the main feature of Rara National Park. 


The Rara Lake Helicopter Tour in Nepal is a lifetime experience of blissfulness and amazement, at the same time. A helicopter ride to the lake is as comfortable as it gets to tour the Rara. Trek to Rara Lake is not easy at all. The trails are harder and the services are inadequate. As much as we appreciate the lake, the road to get there is not that pretty. This is why the area remains unseen by even the most enthusiastic travelers, including the local Nepalese. Lucky for you, we have a helicopter that will keep you from the trouble of trekking long hours for days. 


The Rara Lake Helicopter Tour in Nepal begins as we take off from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu. Unfortunately, the thrill of a helicopter ride can not be described in words. It’s something that one has to experience in real life. As we gain altitude the city start to shrink before our eyes. The birds-eye view of scattered settlements, the eternal hills, and lush forests is satisfyingly refreshing. Then, we continue our ride to the north-western. 

After approximately 40 minutes, we will reach Nepalgunj. This will be our first stop for a refuel. The ground time at Nepalgunj will be no longer than 25 to 30 minutes. Furthermore, we continue the helicopter ride to Rara Lake. Finally, we will reach the wonderland of Rara. The cool breeze from the waves of the lake fills your heart with joy and compassion. The backdrop of shining snow-covered mountains enhances the scenery and the chirping of birds adds up to it. After spending some quality time at the bank of the freshwater lake, we fly back to Nepalgunj for another refuel. From there, we trace our way back to the airport of the hustling Kathmandu city which wraps up our Rara Lake Helicopter Tour in Nepal with Sirmik Air. 

Simrik Air invites you to join us on our next adventurous helicopter flight to the Rara Lake of Mugu District in Nepal. After thousands of helicopter operations and more than a decade of experience, we proudly present ourselves as one of the best and trusted helicopter companies in Nepal. We are committed to making your journey worth every second you spend with us. To learn more about the Rara Lake Helicopter Tour in Nepal, feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call us at [+977-9851010696, +977-9851010697, +977-9851203493, +977-4155340].