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Muktinath temple, located at Muktinath valley is a sacred pilgrimage for both Hindus and Buddhists. The temple is situated at an altitude of 3,710 m. (12,171 ft.) at the foothills of the Thorong La mountain pass (part of the Himalayas) of Mustang district in Nepal. The temple is very close to the village of Ranteipauwa, which sometimes is mistakenly called Muktinath as well. Besides pilgrimage, the area attracts many trekkers across the globe annually.

The journey to Muktinath passes through many archaeological sites and temples. Devotees from across the country visit Muktinath temple to worship the deity. They even take a sacred bath in the holy water pouring from 108 bullhead ancient faucets around the temple.

Access to Muktinath temple is difficult because of challenging weather and difficult terrain. Therefore, helicopter charter is in rise due to convenience and less time consumption.

At Simrik Air, our crew and staff pay attention to the needs of pilgrims and tourists in ensuring a joyous trip by engaging them both on the ground and on air, furnishing with valuable information about the journey to this revered temple.