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Simrik Air Pilots and Rescue Technicians have outstanding record when it comes to search & rescue and recovery efforts. The terrains in and around the Himalayas are challenging and often tricky. Many adventure seekers are constantly in need of airlift while trekking and climbing the mountains faced with various challenges in the high altitude. Simrik Air is 100% result oriented and a trusted name in such missions with proven leadership of Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung and his trained pilots and rescue specialists. Our pilots and rescue specialists have undergone rigorous training on mountain rescues in coordination with Air Zermatt and Alpine Rescue Foundation (ARF) based in Zermatt, Switzerland.

From individual trekkers and climbers to Manaslu Avalanche of 2012, Everest Avalanche of April 2014, Annapurna Disaster of October 2014 and the recent long line search & rescue of a Taiwanese man on April 2017, Simrik Air has made its presence felt global by successfully airlifting the survivors from technically challenging terrains with virtually no landing areas because of the avalanche. Simrik Air has garnered worldwide attention with able Pilots and Rescue Technicians for their success and proven track record in conducting long-line rescues at very high altitudes.