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Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is one of the shortest yet captivating holy tours in Nepal. The overall tour takes approximately one and a half hours with 40 minutes of flight duration collectively. Every year, thousands of visitors prefer Gosaikunda over several different travel destinations in Nepal. This is mainly because of the religious significance of Gosaikunda Lake followed by the phenomenal mountain ranges that surround the lake. The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in Nepal is a no brainer for you if you are into thrilling adventurous flights leading to a peaceful and pristine environment surrounded by massive snow-capped Himalayas. 

Gosaikunda Lake, otherwise spelled as “Gosainkunda”, has been delineated as a religious site in Nepal that carries a high value to both the Hindu and the Buddhists. Located at an elevation of 4,380m (14,370 ft.), Langtang National Park in Rasuwa district, Gosaikunda Lake is an alpine freshwater lake. The surface of the lake extends approximately 34 acres and remains frozen most of the winter season i.e. from October to June. However, the winter season has its perks. The snow-covered surrounding makes up for a heavenly nostalgia at Gosaikunda Lake if you happen to travel during winter. Regardless of the seasons, the Gosaikunda Lake has something unique to offer at each season. 

The origin of Gosaikunda is directly related to the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata as they refer to the lake to Samundra Manthan. Hindu mythology also attributes Gosaikunda as the adobe of Hindu deities Shiva and Gauri. The water of Gosaikunda is considered holy and pilgrims from different regions of Nepal and India visit the place during Gangadashahara and the Janai Purnima, two major festivals of Hindus. It is believed that the Lake was formed after Lord Shiva thrust his Trishul (Trident of Shiva) into the mountain to extract the water to cool down his stinging throat after he had swallowed poison. Pilgrims believe that drinking water from Gosainkunda Lake keeps away unwanted harm to their bodies for their lifetime.

The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in Nepal starts from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. The round trip to Kathmandu to Gosaikunda takes approximately 1 hour. The flight begins after a short introduction of our captains and some mandatory safety precaution information. They will also provide you with information on how to handle an emergency. Simrik Air has been known for executing safe helicopter flights simply because we do not compromise on safety. Therefore, we make sure that the safety requirements have been checked off before we even begin the trip. 

After the briefing, the helicopter takes off leaving the airstrip behind and heads to the north. As we fly over the dense city of Kathmandu, we enter Langtang National Park in just a few minutes of take-off. Swirling above the scattered Tamang settlements and flying beside the giants of verdant green hills, we will reach the Gosaikunda Lake after approximately 15 to 17 minutes. 

Upon landing at Gosaikunda at an altitude of 4,380m, we will be greeted with the backdrop of a massive Langtang mountain range right in front of us. As we would have ascended to 4,000+m in only half an hour, spending more than 30 minutes could result in altitude sickness. However, it is very unlikely. So, to make the most out of our limited time, we start touring the location. The Gosaikunda Lake looks unreal in-person and it gives out a peaceful aura with the soothing sound, enough for you to let go of everything and just be present at the moment. You will find yourself surrounded by the giant mountains of the Langtang range. The weather at Gosaikunda can go from sunny to snowy real quick. The surrounding is usually very cold with a chilly breeze and thin air. After having breakfast at the famous tea house of Gosaikunda, the tour comes to an end as we fly back to Kathmandu airport. 

Simrik Air excels in every kind of helicopter flight service in Nepal, either it is a trip to some exciting destinations in the Himalayas or an emergency rescue service. After years of experience in helicopter flights, our team has developed a remarkable synergy dedicated to a safe flight execution in cooperation with the management team. Before the take-off, we make sure that everything has been double-checked. Our flight crew makes sure that the helicopters are well-maintained and are in phenomenal condition. Hence, we invite you to experience the wonders of Gosaikunda and the Himalaya with Simrik Air and take home with you some of the precious memories of Nepal.