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Standby Simrik Air Team saves life…

Aug 25, 2021

Simrik Air Team once again saved life of a critically ill cardiac patient by airlifting him from Sarodhar Hospital Lamjung to Kathmandu for further treatment today.

Immediately upon getting a call for rescue at 05:15 PM in the evening, the standby crew of Simrik Air Helicopter started preparations for the evacuation. After managing the logistics in 10 minutes, the helicopter engine started at 05:28 PM while the helicopter was airborne to Lamjung from Simrik’s Pokhara Station at 05:30 PM.

The H125 Airbus Helicopter having call sign 9N-AJZ commanded by Capt. Surendra Paudel landed at Dhamili Kuwa, Rainas Municipality in Lamjung at 05:44 PM and was airborne with the patient to Shahid Gangalal Hospital National Heart Center in Kathmandu at 05:54 PM. The helicopter reached the hospital in Kathmandu at 06:19 PM. After handing over the patient safely to the hospital, the helicopter landed at TIA Domestic Terminal at 06:29 PM in last VFR landing time.

05:15 PM – Call For Rescue
• Management of logistics in 10 minutes
05:28 PM – Engine started
05:30 PM – Airborne to Lamjung from Pokhara Station
05:44 PM – Landed at patient pick up point Dhamili Kuwa, Lamjung
05:54 PM – Airborne from the patient pick up point
06:19 PM – Landed at Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center, Kathmandu
06:29 PM – Landed at TIA Domestic Terminal

This is yet another example of perfection, safety and prompt service demonstrated by Simrik Air, wherein perfect calculation of timing by the operation team is reflected and Simrik team committed to saving lives, has been able to successfully airlift yet another patient requiring emergency medical attention in final landing time.

Simrik Air is always standby at your service…

Photo Courtesy: File Picture