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Simrik Air rescues critical delivery case

Jan 20, 2023

Today, the Simrik Air Helicopter crew faced a critical delivery case when they were called upon to safely transport a seriously ill pregnant woman from Bupsa to Lukla Hospital. The H125 Airbus Helicopter, call sign 9N-ALP, was commanded by Capt. Hare Ram Thapa and Ang Tashi Sherpa, and was fully prepared with an in-flight emergency medical team.

As soon as the call came in, the Simrik Air team jumped into action. The helicopter was quickly prepared and the medical team was briefed on the patient’s condition and the necessary precautions to take during the flight.

Upon landing at Lukla Hospital, the patient was immediately transferred to the emergency department, where she received necessary medical attention. The medical team closely coordinated with the hospital’s staff to ensure a smooth and safe transfer of the patient and closely monitored her condition until the delivery was successful.

Simrik Air is proud to have played a vital role in this critical delivery case and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in this way. We would like to thank our crew and the medical team for their dedication and expertise in ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients.