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Emergency Medical Evacuation by Simrik Air Helicopter

Jan 22, 2023

Today, Simrik Air successfully executed an emergency medical evacuation involving the transportation of a critically injured patient from Pokhara to Kathmandu.
Simrik Airโ€™s H125 Airbus Helicopter, call sign 9N-AJZ, commanded by Capt. Rajendra Duwal, flew from Kathmandu with fully equipped medical team of HAMS Hospital led by Dr. Ram Krishna Budhathoki and Paramedic Saroj Chaudhary to rescue the patient injured in road accident from Pokhara.
The patient was airlifted from Pokhara and transported to Kathmandu in a timely manner, where he received the necessary medical treatment. The prompt response and efficient transportation provided by Simrik Air’s team ensured that the patient received the best possible care, and may have even saved his life.

Photo Courtesy: Saroj Chaudhary – HAMS Hospital