Capt. Aaron ‘Aho Sai Mauck

Capt. Aaron ‘Aho Sai Mauck

Capt. Aaron Mauck has been flying helicopters for over 10 years in Hawaii, Alaska and Nepal. He first came to Nepal in 2014 where he fell in love with the Himalayan Mountains and the local culture. Capt. Aaron returned to Nepal in 2016 to join the Simrik Air team. He splits his time between Nepal and Alaska where he specializes in utility operations throughout the state.

He has experience in following fields:

• Airline Transport Pilot with Instrument rating in Helicopters

• Instructor Pilot and Instrument Instructor Pilot ratings in Helicopters

• Commercial Pilot with Instrument rating in Single Engine Airplane

• Over 4000 total flight hours with over 1700 hours in the AS350 series

• Long line operations

• Aerial photography and cinematography operations

• Extended overwater operations

• Scenic operations