Air Zermatt

Air Zermatt, founded in 1968 is one of the leading helicopter organizations of Switzerland. Air Zermatt has been providing rescue services in Switzerland for over more than 40 years. The organization has also been involved in establishing and developing the rescue services in various countries such as Nepal.

In Nepal, Simrik Air and Air Zermatt have been working in unison to establish a proper rescue service. Esteemed pilots and rescue specialist (The Simrik Rescue Team) from Simrik Air were called upon to Zermatt, Switzerland to get intense training on how to conduct rescue service. The Team were also trained to conduct lifesaving skills in high altitude rescue flights utilizing long lines. The Simrik Air rescue team spend about three months, training on rescue services in Switzerland. Currently, the team holds the Certificate from Air Zermatt which characterizes them to carry out and establish rescue services in Nepal.

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